Thursday, January 29, 2009

Celebrating My 101st Post!

So I realized today that this is my 101st posting on this blog. It's amazing how things have changed in just the short few months I have been doing this. Many of you have inspired me and I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and passions. Thank you for stopping by. Here's to the next 100 postings!

Ok now on to the outfit. It was still really cold today, but I was in no mood for pants. If you couldn't tell, I am pretty much a skirt and dress gal. So with walking in cold weather in a cute skirt, you must double up on the tights (something I learned from Kimberly). Here is my warm in a skirt look...

Purple long sleeve tee - NY & Co
Wide belt - Dots
Pleated grey skirt - Anthropologie
Plain black tights - Payless
Patterned tights - Target
Booties - Payless

Because of the cold, yesterday's and today's dinner consist of homemade chicken soup (with spinach, mushrooms, and black beans..basically what I had in the fridge) and biscuits. KT posted this recipe on Wednesday and I couldn't resist. I had a stressful evening and I was in a baking mood. Of course you know I broke down the calorie count. If you take the ingredients in the recipe and drop spoonfuls of dough on the cookie sheet, you will make aprox 3 dozen biscuits. It comes to about 36 calories a biscuit. Unfortunately I ate way more than the two you see on my plate. Oh treadmill, I hear you calling my name...

And speaking of treadmill... Today I had to make up for those yummy biscuits and a grilled chicken sandwich (on white) I had for lunch. I worked with my trainer and she had me do a lot of lunges (forward and backwards), a lot of upper body work with machines and the medicine ball. Afterwards I kicked butt on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Running really burns a ton of calories. Hopefully I did enough damage control.

One last thing before I sign off... I wanted to send warm wishes to the ladies at Cute & The Cheap. I know you might be without power. I hope you guys managed to find some warmth. Bundle up, cuddle up, build a fire, and stay warm everyone (in the cold).


Anonymous said...

Happy 101st post! I noticed the other day that I posted over 500 things in one year - seriously, do I have that much to say?! Ha! You look super cute (♥ the skirt!) and hopefully the two pairs of tights kept you warm.

Fashion Therapist said...

So jealous I heart So Real Cru!