Sunday, February 1, 2009

Friday's Casual Day

It's a very casual day for work. Here's my Friday look:

Soft pink Old Navy sweater
Corduroy jacket - Gap
Jeans - Target
IM grey heels - Target
Polka dotted pink scarf - Old Navy
Pink stripped belt - accessory swap from D'Rae

Not much to say about this outfit except it kept me warm, but wasn't too heavy. We had a super busy Friday. After work we headed to a happy hour with co-workers. I'm one of those people at happy hour with a glass of water. I love to socialize, but drinking has never really been my thing. Nothing really against it, I simply just don't care for the taste. I always have a good time regardless. So after an hour and a half at the happy hour, we hit the gym. I did 45 minutes on the treadmill and burned 548 calories! While at the gym, I saw that there were dancers in the aerobic room. They looked familiar and when I got a better look, I realized they were a SoReal Cru from season 2 of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew. They were actually on of my favs last season so it was kind of cool seeing them practice. I checked out there blog and one of their practices at my gym was posted up. Check it out here. So you think my Friday would have probably ended there...oh no, we headed to a friends place for game night. What a great, but looong day.

Will decided that he wanted to strike a pose for you guys too, so here is his supermodel pose and look:

Striped sweater - Target
Jeans - Old Navy
Converse shoes - Target
Leather jacket - gifted from me
leather gloves - Target
hat - gifted from my uncle

I really wished I took pics from Saturday night's festivities. We went to a birthday party for my good friend, Jamie and I had a really cute outfit on. I figured I'd take an outfit pic at the party, then realized I forgot my camera once we got there. Oh well... there are more parties to come. I always call this time of year the Birthday Season. I feel like there is a birthday almost every week. Next week is Arnaud's International Birthday Barbecue.

And speaking of international... I wanted to send some love to my friend AD. First of all, he is the one who gave me the Tandoori spices a while back. The chicken I made with it was sooo yummy! He also brought back this gorgeous bedspread and pillowcases all the way from Pakistan. It was a wedding gift for me and Will. I really love the colors and texture. It's going to be so lovely when I put it on the bed. Thanks so much for being such a dear friend!


Adnan Siddiqui said...

Thank you Hillary! I am glad that my secret plan to convert you and Will to Pakistani culture is working! Have a great week!

Ally said...

I can't believe Will didn't give us some Blue Steel :)

I love you in jeans - you look so comfortable but so put-together too.


You look great in you Friday outfit!
And what a beautiful gift, the colours are just gorgeous!! You'll sleep wel!!

Lilly said...

I love Will's outfit and pose...too funny.