Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday's Food For Thought

As outside shot. They really do look a lot better. Here I am right outside my door. Will seems to favor the slant shot when I ask him to take outdoor pics. So here are the details...
Long sleeve tee - Gap
Sleeveless top - NY & Co
Pants - Express
Tights - Kroger
Booties - Payless
Belt - Target
Necklace - Banana Republic

To answer Liza's question from yesterday's post... Yes, I do get tired! Today was a much needed rest day. No workout, just walks. To and from work plus a short walk around the lobby. So far I burned 1996 calories in the day and if I just sit on my butt for the rest of the night, I will still have hit my target rate of 2200 calories burned in a day.
So instead of giving you a snapshot of my daily activity, I am giving you a look into what I ate today and how it all breaks down. And just so you know, I am constantly eating. I don't eat all my snacks at one time. I think I just have that constant nag to much all day. So I just make sure I pack some good snacks and I graze on them throughout the day. I'm past day 10 of the cleanse, but I am still continuing to eat clean. No salt unless it's naturally there. No sugars. No processed foods. Still no dairy, or eggs. I will probably add a little eggs back in by the weekend. I love them too OTG.
You'll have to click on the images to get the full view/info.


Trace said...

Very chic look, awesome belt! Great job on eating clean Hillary! Love your comment on my last post - I totally agree, sometimes hips don't lie! =)

KT said...

Love this look! And that necklace is great! I got a similar one at Ann Taylor Loft but yours is better.

Hillary's Husband Will said...

Actually, I take at least 3 pictures of Hillary a day and I typically have 1 slant photo. Hillary just prefers to use the 1 slant photo that I take when we are outside.

I love you baby :)


Candice said...

you look so skinny! I am impressed by your diet, I would absolutly loose my mind, I have such a hard time with my eating. I eat way too much and I love carbs and sugar more than anyone should. I really admire your disapline, thank you for always sharing.

Milly said...

such a pretty necklace

Fashion Therapist said...

You're looking great!!! Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Those pants are super-duper - they do your curves a lot of justice. You have been a huge inspiration. Thanks, Hillary!

Will, you are too sweet!