Friday, March 19, 2010

Chopsticks In The Land of Cotton

Sorry...I had to repost this since the pics never came up :)

Will and I are in Mississippi this weekend. We're here to pay tribute to my aunt who recently passed away and to have this last visit with my extended family in the place where my grandparents first settled from China. Even though it's a sad occassion, it's nice to visit with my extended family...talking about the old days and learning more about our family's history.

While I'm here, I am reading this book to help me understand how my family came to settle here. This is my family's American history...

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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Daily outfit:
•navy ruffle top - Banana Republic
•gray pencil skirt - Old Navy
• navy polka dotted peep toes- Payless
•broken bracelet headband - crafted by me
•black bag - Nine West

My mom had a bracelet that broke. I took 3 pieces and added it to a headband.

Tonight wad Bingo night with the gang! We found a lodge that hosts bingo on Thursday night. They have $2.25 homemade hamburgers, $6 pitchers, and cheap bingo cards.

Even though I didn't win (after 15 games of bingo), the night wasn't a total bust. My friend Melissa took one for the team and won some moo-lah!

Hope everyone has a fab day! We are closing on our new condo! Woo-hoo!!!

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Bringing Out The Animal In Me

I must have been reading my fellow bloggers mind when I chose this outfit. I just saw Kimberly's outfit and she had on red, black, and leopard today too. I saw Sheila's post today and she's rockin' the leopard shoes too. It's nice to know that I am in good company!

Here are the deets...
•black short sleeve sweater - Target
•reddish orangy dress - Dots
•gold necklace - Target
•peep toe leopard pumps - Sears

So you know how there are just little things in life that make you happy? I have to tell you about my new little favorite thing...

Aquafina Flavor Splash Lip Balm. Yes, Aquafina like the wayer. Who knew they made lip balm??? My friend bought a trio pack and gave me one to try. I have to admit, I wasn't expecting much from it, but I am pleasantly surprised. I mean I know it's just lip balm, but after using it a few times, I noticed that my lips are really, really soft. It has a nice little flavor and a slight tingle sensation. I'm actually hooked on the stuff. I saw that they also have skin care and body products. Has anyone tried them? I may just have to check it out.

Have a wonderful day! It's almost Friday!!!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Musical Tuesday

I've been posting mostly from my iPhone lately. It's just so convenient even though my picture quality isn't as good as my digital camera. So my apologies for the poor pictures. I did download this groovy app that allows me to add shading or borders to the pic which is why you see the oval pic above.

Today's outfit is a true Frugalista outfit. Everything except the shoes are from Target. I really love this skirt. It's def one of my best buys at Target. The shoes are from DSW.

So yesterday I got my butt back into the gym. I was planning to jump on the treadmill and see what my body would do, but I saw a kickboxing class starting. Of course, I joined right on on and had a blast on the class. It got pretty intense though and I had to switch to low impact for 1/2 of the class. Boy, I have really felt the effects of that class all over my body. It's all good though. I think I will make it part of my new weekly routine.

Tonight I did skip the gym. I had tickets to see South Pacific. I haven't seen this musical since the 90's. It's a classic and still entertaining. I forgot how many songs I actually knew.

Hope you are having a happy and healthy day!

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Gray Day and Sunny Food

The weather is yuck! Gray skies inspired my gray outfit.

•black short sleeve - Target
•gray pleated top - Banana Republic
•jeans - Target
•shoe boots - Payless
•long gray pearl necklace - Charming Charlie's

For the last week or so I was recovering from the flu. Yep, it was a little souvenir from my trip to Mexico. So cooking hasn't really been on my agenda for the last couple of weeks. Neither has the gym. I really have fallen off the wagon! I'm trying to get back on track though. For lunch, I tried Diet Gourmet for the first time. I got one of those GroupOn coupons so we can get $50 worth of food for the price of $25. I had a chicken/lean beef burger with lettuce, tomato, jalepenos, and salsa. It was served with a little mexican salad, a small orange, and a cherry berry dessert. All that for only 338 calories! We will definetly be going back.

Now I just need to get back to the gym. Tonight I plan on it being a cardio night.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mexican Getaway

I'm back...again :)

It seems like the months are flying by! Is it really March?

Here is one of my daily outfit pics I took....
•navy cardi - Old Navy
•brown fuisha hibiscus skirt - Talbot's
•brown suede pumps - Ann Taylor Loft

This past month, I've been busy with weddings, traveling, and as always...enjoying life. I have some great news. We are buying a condo! We actually close on our new place next week! The funny thing is that it's exactly like the condo we are in now (and in the same complex). We will just own it instead of renting. We love our little condo and the area is perfect for us so when the opportunity to buy this place came about, we went for it. We've been joking how we'll be in bizarre-o world.

This past month. I also escaped the cold and cruised on down to Mexico for my friend's wedding. It was a beatutiful wedding and boy, it was nice to be in shorts and soak up some sun! We had a blast!

I hope everyone else has been doing well. This month I'll be reviewing a couple of items and may have a couple of fun giveaways! Stay tuned!

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