Thursday, January 8, 2009

Summing Up The 12 Days of Fitness

Okay so I know I have been slacking on posting my 12 Days of Fitness, but I have been working hard regardless. Here are the last few days...

On the 10th day of fitness my trainer gave to me... 10 days of cleansing. Okay so I know I said I was going to do 7 days of cleansing, but I really think I can stretch it out to 10 (possibly 14 days which would be the max). I have to admit, the first 2 days were tough. I felt like I was constantly eating, but always hungry. The herbal drinks tasted like dirt/roots. My energy level was down. BUT I just finished day 5 and I feel great! I'm not as hungry. My palette is free of salt and processed sugar. Fruits and veggies taste so good right now. I am discovering new ways to cook without salt, sugar, and processed foods. My energy is up, and I've even lost a few pounds. This cleanse has really kicked start my way towards better eating again. Yay!

On the 11th day of fitness my trainer gave to me... 11 healthy dishes. Since the cleanse, I have been rethinking the way I cook things. So after my cleanse, I will try 11 healthy recipes. I have already tried recipes from (the guacamole recipe is my fav). Melissa sent me a couple of blogs to cook healthy on my new dutch oven. So here's the question... do you have a healthy recipe for me to try. E-mail me, and I'll try it out.

On the 12th day of fitness, my trainer gave to me... 12 motivators. To help me stay on track, I need a lot of motivation. I really try to surround myself with people and things that can help me stay on focus. here are my 12 motivators...
  • my hubby - he's my #1 fan and loves to workout too
  • my trainer - she is ab fab! She kicks my butt when I need a kickin'
  • my coworkers - Melissa who walks with me and Bel who is just starting on her journey
  • my friends - they are as obsessed like me. We really try to help motivate each other
  • my family - always 100% support!
  • The Biggest Loser - it inspires, I do mini workouts during commercials, and I always cry
  • Pound for Pound Challenge - I pledged to lose 18lbs by May 5. For every pound I lose, they donate a pound of food to the hungry. Click here to make a pledge today.
  • Shape magazine - Great tips, workouts you can do at home, and I love the weight loss diary of real people each month.
  • my Bodybugg - tracks everything I do
  • blogging - make me more accountable. I feel like I have to report to you guys or I'll be in trouble :-)
  • you guys - sharing your ideas, struggles, and triumphs. Makes me feel normal and a part of something
  • daily pics - seeing how you look on camera everyday shows a lot of truth.
So I hope I have helped motivate you with my 12 days. I know it's really motivated me. If you like to see all 12 days, just click on my fitness label. I will still continue to blog about my workouts and calories burned. Here are the last 3 days in Bodybugg snapshots. Mind you that my calorie intake is lower than normal because of the cleanse. I really tried to eat more, but veggies only have so many calories in them. My calories burned were great. Again, it is amazing how mini workouts add up on your total calories burned for the day. Wednesday was a rest day from the gym and I just did mini workouts through the day. I still had a great burn!


Trace said...

This has been such a motivational series Hillary! Thanks for posting. Hubby and I are doing well in 2009 so far. Workouts going good, portion sizes much better too. There is really nothing like feeling healthier.

Melissa Rose said...

I must say I'm VERY happy that I joined you in the cleanse! I'm feeling great and plan to stick with clean eating the majority of the time as well as cooking at home more! We are going to be some hot looking women when we hit the beach in Mexico in May! :-)

Fashion Therapist said...

I loved reading this post. I'm definitely LOVING my trainer. He kicks my ass and I give him crap for it but he does it cause he's keeping me on track. Now I just have to work on my drinking! :(

Hillary said...

I'm so g;ad the series helped. I know that doing it has really helped me. Best of luck to you guys and keep me posted on your progress!