Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sew Happy on Tuesday

Yes, I am so happy today. I made this lovely green skirt at me Sew Crafty class this past Sunday. It's my first skirt and I couldn't believe how easy it was. I am looking forward to making another. Here are is my sew fab outfit...

Black ruffled pullover-Anthropologie
Green polka dotted skirt - made by me!
black peep - Rack Room
Ribbon pearls - Francesca's

So I have to give a big shout out to Sarah at Sew Crafty! It was a great class and I am really looking forward to many more classes. If you are in Houston, I highly recommend checking them out! They do way more than just sewing.

So here is the original skirt I made my pattern from. The brown paper next to it is the pattern we made using recycled grocery bags.

Now on to the workouts...
Since I haven't had a Bodybugg screenshot in a while, I thought I'd let you know that my workouts are still going full force. I am back on the treadmill more and more and tonight was a personal best for me. I should explain how I hated running when I started working out. I had bad shin splints and would just walk. Well with the help of interval running/walking and jump roping, I can now run for 10 minutes straight. I know 10 minutes doesn't seem much, but for me it's a sweet victory. I was able to walk for 3 minutes and then run again, and so on... In my 45 minute time on the treadmill, I ran 75% of the time. I was so happy! I burned 554 calories in 45 minutes. Freakin' awesome! I hope you guys are also reaching your own personal goals. I know it can be rough sometimes, but even the smallest little victories make it all worth it. Happy workouts everyone!


DawnB said...

I made a skirt pattern that looks so similar to yours. It's a 6 gore skirt and the pattern was made using my very own measurements & I love the way it fits. If you google "6 gore skirt" you'll get the directions to make one. You can take it to your class b/c the instructions leave out how to put in a zipper & waistband directions, which I'm sure your teacher could figure out. Anyhoos - way cute skirt!

Anonymous said...

Your skirt is so awesome! That is exciting. I have wanted to take a sewing class for a while, but haven't made it a priority yet. As for the treadmill victory - that is super awesome. Congrats!

Sarah said...

You look so sassy in that skirt - work it girl!

Hillary said...

Thanks DawnB! I will check that out.

Kimberly, I have really enjoyed sewing so far. You should really give it a shot esp with your great sense of style.

Sarah, you are awesome! Looking forward to the Amy Butler class!