Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday's Green and Eating Out

It's another green day. I have been obsessed with the color lately. I found this cute dress at Target (of course) while I was in East Texas. It was on clearance and it was just so cute on, I had to get it. I paired it with my fav pair of shoes. I found these lacy slingbacks a while back on clearance at DSW. Please ignore the work badge. I forgot to take it off when snapping my photo during my lunch break.

For the next month I don't have any trips so it's time for me to really push myself towards my new weight goal. I am going to try to lose about 6 lbs by August 1. This will put me in a new weight bracket and at my lowest (in a super long time). My plan is to continue to to eat aprox 1200 calories and burn about 2200 calories a day. I am switched up my cardio from spinning to swimming. I've already been swimming for the past couple of weeks. I got us some decent goggles and Will and I started doing laps. Trust me, we aren't the strongest swimmers, but even just 20 minutes in the pool is such a great all over body workout. Plus I get to stay cool in the water in 100 degree heat.

On my food, I've been cooking a lot lately, but there are some times where I too tired to cook or I'm meeting friends/family for meals. Here are a few of my Do and Don'ts when eating out.

Don't assume that the "low carb" item on the menu is the best bet. The picture below is of my "low carb grilled chicken plate" at my husband's favorite college eatery. I thought I was making the best menu choice until I got my plate. I guess it didn't say low calorie or low fat. I ate 1 chicken (yes, there are 2 under all the cheese and bacon) and the salad it came with.

We met a good friend for lunch and Will was craving Chinese food. Here, I made a great choice. I chose the brown rice, veggies and chicken in a light sauce, and the crab rangoon (OK so I shouldn't have had them). I ate 1/4 of the rice and 1/2 of the rest of the plate. I saved the remainder for lunch the next day. Will got my leftover rice.

This meal was a take-out meal. I went to a local grocery store and hit up their deli. I chose almond crusted tilapia, grilled asparagus, and whipped sweet potatoes. When I got home, I placed my meal on my small plate to make sure I don't go overboard on my portions. This was soooo good and I enjoyed the leftovers the next day.

That concludes my eating out ventures. I'll have a few home cooked meals for tomorrow. Thanks so much for stopping by and a big welcome to new readers. I'm off for a swim. Have a great night/day!


Legal Editor Mom said...

Cute dress! Love the color.

I can usually never eat a full entree when dining out, anyway, so it is smart to take it with and have leftovers.

Sheila said...

The low carb options on menus are left over from that diet that was all the rage about 8 years ago. They're loaded with fat.

Good for you for setting new goals and working to achieve them! I'm going to be doing dragon boating next month! I'm so excited.

You look amazing in that shade of green!

Milly said...

cute shoes! good luck with your diet

allison said...

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Hope this helps! It's helped me!

allison said...

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