Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My last day before a "painful" journey

Are you wondering what that painful journey is? I am getting braces (again for the second time in my life). Yes, I was one of those bad kids that didn't listen to the orthodontist or my mom and I didn't wear my retainer. Over the last couple of years, I have noticed that my teeth are shifting more and more. It has effected my bite and if I smile really big, my smile is crooked. It has also caused my jaw to lock/pop. So I am fulfilling one of my New Year's Resolutions and getting braces. I told myself that I would wait till after the wedding, and the time has come. Tomorrow I get my spacers in. The brackets won't be on till next week. Then I'll have 2 lovely years of tightening. Goodbye pearly whites, and hello brace face!

On to my outfit....
wrap dress - TJ Maxx
floral scarf/belt - Old Navy
peep toe pumps - Rack Room

For lunch and dinner, I had wild sockeye salmon (seared then steamed), steamed broccoli, and fresh cherries. The cherries are so good right now. I cooked while we were home for lunch and we had leftovers at dinner.

Today was a rest day for me. No swimming or gym today. Instead I took a sewing survival class. I know the basics of sewing on a machine, but I can't do it by hand to save me life. Now I can proudly say that I know how to properly sew a button, mend a tear, and hem my pants. This weekend I'm going to attempt to fix on of Will's shirts.

I hope everyone has a great day. I'd like to say hello to Jennifer, who I just got into contact with. I am so glad you found me.

Thanks for stopping by!


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

I have thought about getting braces just so I have straighter teeth and look better, but I can't imagine having them for two years. The dinner looks awesome. I haven't had cheeries in foreverm, good idea.

Emmett said...

How do you cook your salmon?

Rachael said...

I have the exact same problem! I was slack wearing my plate after my braces were taken off and now I've got a noticeable gap between two front teeth. I hope everything goes smoothly.

Trace said...

Ummmmm hmmmmm...I have the exact same problem as well! Didn't wear my retainer, now my smile is crooked and my jaw pops and cracks. Wow I hadn't thought of that before. Hubby never had braces but desparately need them, so we have a lot of issue going on!!

You look great, beautiful wrap dress!

Cosmic said...

With or without braces this is stylish chic at it's best!


Candice said...

You look fad today, love the black on you. Oh and I heard the braces are the new IT thing so you are all good!! I am sure it will be fine, I just hope you are not in too much pain!

Ruth said...

You look great -- love the dress and sash.
And I agree--braces are sexy!