Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Work Look

I guess summer is in full swing here. I thought I'd stay cool with this summer outfit...

Pink ribbon top - Anthropologie
Layered skirt - Target
Metallic heels - Target
Earrings - gifted by Jennifer

Getting back into the swing of things after 2 weeks of vacation is always tough. I was back at the gym right after I got back from Mexico, but we were still eating out a lot since we had nothing in the fridge. I just didn't get a chance to shop until yesterday. So finally today was my first full day of home cooking again. Here are my low-cal meals...

For lunch we had some leftover turkey meatloaf (topped with a tbsp of ketchup), mixed veggies, and a fresh peach.
Protein - 27.5
Carbs - 36.2
Fat - 8.2
Total calories - 311.6

For dinner we had some family over and I wanted to make an Asian inspired meal. I made a Chinese Honey Glazed Chicken, steamed bok choy, and brown jasmine rice mixed with chopped onions and mushrooms.
Protein - 25.2
Carbs - 52.6
Fat - 10
Total calories - 395.8

So far may total calories count is 1208 for the day. I haven't worn my bodybugg so I'm not sure what I'm burning, but I swam 20 minutes this morning, brisk walk for 30 minutes, and strength training with my trainer (she killed my legs today). So I think I did pretty well.
Oh and I wanted to let you know about my brother's new blog. Over the past couple of years, he's lost about 50+lbs. He's done a great job of maintaining and he still strives to lose more weight. The catch is that he travels for work a lot. He's come up with ways to stay active and eat healthy. Check out his blog on Travelin' Healthier!
Have a happy, healthy, and fab day!


Legal Editor Mom said...

I made two turkey meatloaves on Sunday and we're still enjoying them. I love these heels and the skirt!

Nina said...

Hi Hillary,

I hope you don't mind me following your blog. I must say you look great. Kudos to you for losing so much weight. Your an inspiration to those of us who are battling the bulge.

Keep up the good work!!


Would you mind sharing your recipes to your homemade turkey meatloaf and Chinese Honey glazed chicken....YUM-O!

Ruth said...


Fernando said...

Random google search for "layered skirt target" gave me your picture, and its the exact one my sister was looking for. Its on the posters at my local targets (all 3 of them), but no one can point me to where they are on the racks. Could you tell me what the brand of it is? and/or the style name/number?
Thank you much.

Hillary said...

Hey Fernando, I got the skirt back in March and Target moves their stuff pretty quick. I'm not sure how much luck you'll have finding it at the store. The brand is Mossimo. I'm not sure which would be the style #, but try RN17730 or VN1181300. Good luck!