Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday Is My Friday!

Get your motors runnin'... It was a sunny 68 degrees today. Perfect weather for a ride on the scooter. Here's my scootin' ensemble...

Corduroy jacket - Gap
Helmet - borrowed Will's
Bitten sunglass - Steve & Barry's
Black pants - Express
Booties - Payless
Aprilia Scarbeo 200 - Will's scooter

Wanna know what was under the jacket???

Here I am, up close and personal...

Purple top - Old Navy
3 strand necklace - Gifted by V
Wide belt - Dots

So today was my Friday! Will and I have the rest of the week off. Yay! His 2 brothers and sister-in-law are coming to town and staying with us through the holiday weekend. We have been working on the guest bedroom and bathroom like mad these past few days, but I think everything finally looks decent. They be in town just in time for dinner so I will be slow cooking a brisket for about 6-8 hours. Man I am going to have to do some serious jump roping, running, jumping jack exercise to get me through the next few days of good food.

I still plan too post pics the next few days, but in case things get crazy, I wanted to thank everyone who has read, commented, stopped by, or enjoyed my little blog. I also want to thank to the blogs I read, the ones that inspire me , and the ones that entertain me throughout my day. Happy Early Thanksgiving Everyone!


Trace said...

Love love love the scooter! And the outfit - especially the belt and the booties. Happy T-Day Hillary! I'm with you on keeping up with some serious exercise to get through all these meals. Take care. =)

Katie said...

Look at you girl! :-) I love your scooter! YOU ROCK!!! :-)


KT said...

Yay! The scooter! So cute! Great hair day too!

Candice said...

Thank you, I hope you have a lovely holiday as well. I love the outfit especially the scooter, I come from a motorcycle family so I get it. Have a great long weekend.

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

OMG, how cool are you??? Love the color of the top, too -- you are just so sharp.

Btw, stop by my blog -- I gave you an award :)

Have a great T-day!!!!

Fashion Therapist said...

Oh I like that purple necklace. Have a good Turkey Day!

Lilly said...

so do you shop all the time? how does it work? I was a total shop-a-holic til I moved and now I'm so limited in space and have no income, so I just don't do it. I haven't purchased one item of clothing since Aug '08, only accessories because I like to collect stuff from different countries. All my jewelry has a story behind it that way. Clothes are so utilitarian for me now, but I'm sure I'll revert back to my old ways when I get back to the US.

Lilly said...

sorry also meant to say, I miss you and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!! It doesn't feel anything like Thanksgiving here- hot and no turkey!

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

PS: Forgot to say that your award is at my blog post with the "Your Blog is Fabulous" award, here:'s a few posts back now :)

Have a great weekend!