Monday, November 24, 2008

I <3 Shoe Sale Mondays!

So since I didn't care for my daily outfit pic, I thought I'd post my shoe purchase from instead. I scored 3 pairs of shoes for $28.97! The red and grey pair were only $8.24 each! I already had the black patent jasmine mary jane pumps and love them so much. And for that low, low price, I needed them in red. I love a good deal!

So is anyone planning to do the big Black Friday shopping? I've never done it before. This year I am in the market for a new laptop, but I haven't really seen any major good deals that would get me out of bed at 4 in the morning. I hear I might have to wait till Thursday for the full release of all the sales. So have you done the whole camp out-get outta my way-day after Thanksgiving sale? Any tips for a newbie? Do you think this year is lacking compared to previous years?


Psyche said...

Unbelievable shoe deals!

Trace said...

I've been eyeing those red shoes for a long time, WOW I really need to get them now if they're only $8.24!! Thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...

I need some gray and red shoes, so we might just be shoe twinkies!
As for Black Friday shopping – I have been a few years now. Dave & I went for the first time together last year- we completed our Christmas Shopping and were home by 9 am (granted I had bought a lot of stuff already)! We pretty much went out just for electronics (Blue Ray player and LCD TV) and we scored both deals. The TV at Target was crazy! They had cops on the scene to help control the crowd while everyone was in line. We stayed in the car forever since it was so cold and didn't realize how long the line had become. Luckily only a few feet after the barricades ended I spotted a friend so we "line jumped" in with them. We are lucky we didn't get our asses kicked, but we played it off like we were all together so the people behind us would chill. I think the key to getting good deals is to look through all of the ads and map out your plan of attack (Kohl’s opens at 4 am so go there first, then Target at 5 am, etc). Also, keep in mind, stores will put items in weird locations to help with crowd disbursement (i.e. the LCD TV was over by the mens clothing department last year), it helps to shop with other people so you can tag team it (but not slow or indecisive people – you could be on to the next store by the time they decide if they should buy brown or black gloves for Uncle Phil), and make friends with the other shoppers around you. Almost everyone is in a good mood because they love Christmas and want to be out shopping, so turn them into allies. Talk about what everyone is shopping for. I have helped people out before by grabbing two and handing one off to them or yelling across the aisle that the $10 slippers are part of a special display over by the dog food, etc.
As for the sales, with retail hurting right now they have already been running Black Friday type sales for a few weeks now, so the sale ads don’t seem super impressive. However, it is make or break time so I am sure there will still be great deals to be shopped. Okay, this goes down in history as my longest comment ever!

Katie said...

WOO HOO! I get a "bargain high" when I hear about those kinds of savings!! And on SHOES!? What better bargain to find!

Get this - I found some little green flats for $1!!!!! At Burkes Outlet - I will post pics soon!!

Hillary said...

Thanks Kimberly! Those are some realy good tips. Melissa just told me that Best Buy released more prices and I think I may put your shopping tips to the test. I'll let you know how it all turns out. Wish me luck!

Candice said...

I useually go with my mom and aunt, but this year I have no babysitter and going to a crowded mall with my kids sounds not so exciting, more like torture. They are great kids, but come on they dont want to shop, no matter how much I want them to like it they just dont. So we will see. Love the shoes though.

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

Wow, super cute shoes, what a score!

As much as I love to shop (and oh how I do) -- I don't venture out to the malls from T-day till the end of January. I might pop into my local Target (it's on it's own down the hiway only 15min from here)...but other than that I cease all shopping if possible, save for holiday stuff which I do online for the most part.

The truth is I just can't think with the distraction of crowds and end up making dumb purchases.

So tomorrow I go one last time to the mall....after that it's bye-bye till next year :(