Friday, November 7, 2008

Making Up For 2 Days

So I am making up for Wednesday's outfit pic. I wasn't feeling all that great on Wednesday so I almost did a headless shot, but then I realized I like my head and I felt bad chopping it off. So here you have pulled back, fake smile, and whatever is left of my little make-up, but it's me. Even though I felt yuck, I was determined to pull together another outfit for the Cute On The Cheap's Election Blogger Challenge. Here are my red, white, and blue details...

Navy Cardi - Old Navy
White wrap tank - Old Navy
Red Necklace - Lane Bryant
Grey Sailor Pants - Steve & Barry
Red peep-toes - JCP

Now let's talk about Thursday's outfit... I forgot to snap my pic, didn't have my camera with me at work, plus I was running straight to the gym afterwards. I thought my cute outfit wouldn't make the blog. Thank goodness for my trainer! She was so kind enough to snap a pic of me with her phone before I changed into my gym clothes. Here are the details...

Black Wrap Dress - TJMaxx
Purple suede belt - Target
Textured tights - Target
Isaac Mizrahi black patent pumps - Target (of course)

I know you can't really tell, but the tights have a cool design and I am so digging textured tights right now. I grabbed these at Target a year ago when they went on clearance. I also bought some fishnet tights. So here's my question... Can I wear the fishnets to work? The netting on them is pretty small so you might have to do a double look to see that they are fishnets. Or is it too taboo? I kind of want to wear them, but worried that it's inappropriate for the office. My office is suppose to be corporate casual, but these days people look more casual then corporate (which really bothers me). I am probably one of the few who dress up for work of jeans day. Soooo I think the fishnets done tastefully still look better than the sloppy t's and jeans. Right? Thoughts???

Oh I also have one more question for you guys. There is a Shecky's Girl's Night Out coming to Houston. It's suppose to be this big shopping party with great deals, designer clothes, beauty products, free cocktails, and a big goodie bag full of stuff. The tickets are free or 2 for $25 if you want a goodie bag. V and I are thinking about going. Has anyone ever been to one of these? Are the goodie bags really that great? And can you really find a good deal? Let us know if you've been and what you thought.

I guess I had a lot of questions for y'all. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and have a happy Friday! TGIF!!!


KT said...

I've never been but how much would it suck to not go for the goody bag and wind up sitting next to girls who got one and they ROCKED? I say for the $25 get the goody bag. Who knows?

V said...

I was wondering about fishnets at work too. I think if the netting is tight and small, it's fine. I've seen ppl do this and it looks great! I need to find a pair of fishnets w/the small netting.

Ally said...

I love fishnets too but I feel like a street walker in them at work! I've found if I layer them over tights they don't look so "hey, look at my sexy legs" and more "I'm hot but still awesome at my job, jerk."

You're the ultimate overachiever w/this contest too! Thanks so much for participating :)

Angie said...

I have worn fishnets to the office but they were not colored. They were the neutral ones. All of the girls loved them and one guy made a snide remark but since he is a weenie every other day, I just ignored it. I say - rock the fishnets, as long as everything else os "corporate" it is all good.