Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jewel Tone Tuesday

Back to work. Here are my neutrals with a pop of jewel tone color...

Swiss Dotted button up - The Gap
Mossimo sweater vest - Target
Mossimo pencil skirt - Target
Dollhouse peep-toe heels - Ross
Purple suede belt - Target
Jewel-tone necklace - Target (can you tell I love Target?)

First I'd like to say that I am so happy I have pics up on the walls now. Will and I have now been living together for one full month and I still have more to do to the new place. The decorating and settling seems to take forever especially if you have 2 different styles merging into one. Our guest bedroom looks like a storage closet. We finally went through most of it this past weekend and organized it into 3 piles (keep, throw away, and garage sale). We still have a few boxes that don't have a home and I still have a few pictures that need hanging, but I am confident we'll get it done soon. We have some of Will's family staying with us for Thanksgiving so we have to get it done! Garage sale is next week though. Hopefully I can make a little moo-lah and clear out a lot of stuff. We decided that whatever doesn't sell, we'll donate to charity.

So not only is merging styles tough, merging diets is tough too. I really feel like I have been slacking on my diet. I use to be so good at planning my healthy meals. I'd cook almost every night and have enough for lunch the next day. Now my grocery shopping days are off. I can't seem to but the right amount and then I have to go back to the store to reshop. I feel like I never make enough food and my healthy meals get a little boring for him. He loves his chips, ramen noodles, dessert, and Tang (yeah, remember that stuff?). For the most part I stayed away from it at first, but now that it's in the house all the time, I struggle with the temptation. The funny thing is, I don't even care for chips. I just get stuck on that salty/sweet roller coaster and don't know how to get off. I need help! I know we've been though some stress with just trying to organize things and trying to find a routine for us. I really hope we finally get back on track and I start eating better again. At least I still manage to make it to the gym 3-4 days a week. I'd be in real trouble if I didn't.

I know I haven't been the easiest person when it comes to schedules. Will is very organized. He likes his "to do" list, organizers, spreadsheets, and 8 hours of sleep. I like to go, go, go... plan as I go, and I only need 5-6 hours of sleep. I know my night owl ways and my social calendar are killing him. I'm really trying to limit the events we go to, but with family and close friends near by, we just get pulled in so many directions.

So how long is it gonna take for us to get into a groove? Does anyone have any advice for the newly wed?


Katie said...

It will calm down soon! My husband and I have been married for just over a year and when we got married, it was the same way!! ( I felt like I was reading a blog I would have written myself - only a year ago!)

At some point it will all come to a happy compromise! You'll get into a natural life rhythm and your schedules will mesh better! By the time we were married a month, it felt like we had been married for years! (in a good way! LOL!)

Love your blog! I have a blog similar to yours - where I blog each day's fashion, etc. I just started it! You should come check it out! :-)

KT said...

My husband and I are 100% opposites on slepping, socializing, etc... The good news is that he could care less how I decorate. He prefers to not offer an opinion, and I like that too! For socializing I hate to say I usually go alone. I know he doesn't want to, and I don't mind. Then occasionally he pops up and surprises me with going so I appreciate it more and then it feels like a date!

V said...

I know I'm not married, but I guess it's good that Andre will just go w/me to whatever. If he really doesn't want to, I just go and he does something else, that way we both have fun doing whatever we want and have some of our "own" time. And Will cracks me up w/his Tang and Ramen noodles...that's so 80's astronaut and freshman college year!

Melissa Rose said...

Like V, you know I'm not married either, however Larry and I have been living together for quite sometime now. And believe me we've had some trying times...but it does get better!

Maybe to help you stay on track with the food issue you might have to put a little extra time into making healthier meals for you (like on a Sunday) at least 3/4 days worth so you have it for lunch/dinner and when you cook dinner (the unhealthier stuff) during the week you only have to eat it once (or not at all) instead of both for dinner and leftovers for lunch...More effort on your part but the better outcome for you and your calorie intake. I should let you borrow my Deceptively Delicious cookbook!

As for the decorating...we always don't agree on things but we definitely try to compromise and find a happy medium and if we don't, he usually let's me make the final decision! :-)

Don't worry Hill, you guys will be fine, things will get better soon! Afterall, isn't that just what newly weds or people just moving in together go through?! It's just growing pains that we all go through.

Hillary said...

Thanks ladies! I know in time things will find that it's own natural rhythm. It's nice to be able to vent and people understand where you're coming from :-)