Monday, November 3, 2008

A Quickie Lunch Posting

We ran home for lunch and while Will is cleaning up the dishes, I thought I'd do a quick post. Here is the breakdown...

Mossimo short sleeve jacket - Target
Grey halter cap-sleeved top - Express
Bitten Boyfriend jeans - Steve and Barry's
Issac Mizrahi black patent pumps - Target (on sale now)
work badge

I just got these shoes on sale at Target for $16.99! Love them except for the fact that they squeak a little right now when I walk in them. Does anyone else have this problem? Not loud enough squeak for everyone to notice, but enough for you to notice. I just try to walk fast to and from my desk... Hopefully it's just because they are new and not broken in yet.

Thank you for dooing the dishes Will, I love you!

Hope everyone is haveing a great Monday! Back to work for me!

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Lynette said...

Mine sqeak every once in a while too. They're cheap and I'm more focused on trying to get used to walking in them without killing my feet. I made my coworker walk really slow to the test floor with me. Poor guy... well not really... he made fun of girls who wear heels and have to walk slow.