Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's a Mod Squad Wednesday

Wednesday's Mod Squad outfit.

  • Mod print dress from Ross
  • Belt from Dots
  • Dollhouse brown peep toe pumps from Ross

  • I love these brown heels! I got for a steal at Ross ($11.99 clearance). So at first I did have issues. I couldn't keep them on my feet. I tried and tried to wear them, but I kept tripping over myself. Finally after complaining, Lynette suggested I buy some heels adjusters so they fit better. Low and behold, I made a trip to CVS (Jacquie's suggestion) and shoes fit! If you have shoes that feel to big, they are only $3.29 for a pair. Make sure you get the heel grips, not the liners.

In other news... I worked on Doug's cake for 4 hours last night. Yes, 4 Hours! Needless to say, my eyes were tired and my back still hurts. The apps I did do look pretty good though. I still need to do a few things, but at least I got the hardest part over with. I'll add the pics when the cake is all done. It's going to be so cute though.

So while I was working on the cake details, I was watching the new 90210. Anyone see this last night? I thought it jumped around too much and I felt that some of the story line got skipped b/c they were trying to get some much info in in the 2 hours it was on. I was really more interested in what's been going on with Kelly and Brenda. Who is the father of Kelly's baby? Where is Andrea? They showed her kid for a brief and shining moment... Glad they found Nat and the Peach Pit is still in business. I may still watch it a few more times, but I'm not betting on a better plot anytime soon.... Thoughts???

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Ally said...

I watched but I think I'm too old for it. I am FAR more interested in Kelly/Brenda than anything else.

I read some spoilers about who Kelly's babydaddy you want to know?