Monday, September 22, 2008

It's a Hot and Pink Monday!

I realize it's the first day of fall and maybe I should wear some fall colors, but it's just so darn hot here. My cheeks turn pink! So I thought I'd wear my Hot Pink/Hot Red today. Its funny, in person, you can barely tell they skirt changes color, but in this pic, you can definitly see it. Here are the details...

Black knit top - Express
H&M pink and red skirt - H&M Las Vegas
Purple and black jewel toned necklace - Gift from V
Silver mangled bangled bracelet - Charming Charlie's
Maripe peep-toe pumps - Rack Room

I really wish we had an H&M here in Houston. I first fell in love with the store when I was in Stockholm, Sweden (home of H&M). It's like Starbucks over there. There is one on every corner. I think my friend and I hit 4 stores over there and they all seem to carry slightly different things. Loved the clothes, loved the price! I've also shopped their stores in Helsinki and Nice. Some stores are multi-level with women's, men's, and kids wear. So when I went to Vegas I had to go. I have to admit, even though I found some great stuff (like this skirt for $10), it wasn't what I expected. It was a lot smaller and not a whole lot to choose from. This has been the only US H&M store I have been to. Maybe the New York store is bigger. In any case, they should still open one in Houston.

Okay, on to The Emmy's. I didn't really watch them, but I did check out the red carpet. Here were my fav's...

Brooke Sheilds looks stunning. My absolute favorite!

Love this print.

I think the butterfly earrings are fab!

So pretty and girlie!


Anonymous said...

Which H&M did you go to in Vegas? By chance the one at the Miracle Mile shops? That was is so teeny-tiny! The one I shop at here in Indy is about 7,000 SF and filled with lots of goodies. There are definitely H&Ms that are better than others here in the states. I love this skirt, btw. The colors are so awesome!

Hillary said...

It was the one at The Miricle Mile Shops. Okay, good to know they have bigger store here. I may have to go out to Indy to shop :-)