Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Dress Day Wednesday and A Thank You To Monica

OK so I'm a little plain today, but it's kind of a rushed outfit. After posting this, I realized I need a necklace. I'll have to grab one before I walk out the door. Here are the details...

Studio Max - TJ Maxx

Nine West skinny belt - Macy's

Hype lacy slingbacks - DSW

I really must teach Izzy how to pose better. Seriously, she must think she's Britney Spears dog. Still, she wanted to be in the pic and I can't deny her.

Last day to suggest a song for the new playlist. Can't wait to groove to your favorite tunes! Winners will be announced tomorrow.

Let's talk about dress days. If you see me in a dress, that means I didn't have a lot of time or I didn't want to think about getting dressed. Some people wear jeans and a t-shirts when they rush to get ready, I throw on a dress. In one fell swoop, you have an instant outfit and you're still dressed professionally. Of course I had to throw on these lacy shoes. They also went to the shoe hospital recently. The strap on the back stretched out and I had to have them cut and re sewn. They are still so fab!

Biggest Loser was on last night. I just love that show. Does anyone watch it? It's only the 2ND episode for the season and I am already crying. I am just amazed at what they can do in a matter of months. I told my trainer, Monica, that I want to look like the winner from last season. She and Kae from Season 4 are true inspirations. Of course I won't do it in 4 months, but I am on my way.

I have an awesome trainer! I know people think personal trainers are too expensive, but for me, it has been worth every penny. I used to be so intimidated by the gym. All those weights, machines, and equipment can be overwhelming when you don't really know what your doing. When I tried to do the gym on my own, I stuck to the cardio machines and the aerobic classes because those were the things I was familiar with. I'd lose a little weight, but never really stuck with doing it for more than a few months mostly because I got bored doing the same thing and I didn't see results fast enough. I also felt like a phony trying to fit in a place of sweaty, skinny, fit people. I had so many excuses to not go. When I joined 24 Hour Fitness, my new membership came with 5 personal trainer sessions. That's when I met Monica. She has really guided me, pushed me, and taught me a lot. She even taught me how to run on a treadmill (seriously I never thought that would happen). I've also gotten to know a lot of the staff. They keep up with me and always encourage me to keep going. I never knew a gym could be like this. I am no longer intimidated. I no longer feel like I don't fit in the gym. It's so liberating!

Thank you Monica for pushing me when I needed it. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for helping me change my life. I always look forward to the sessions no matter how much you kick my butt!


Jamie said...

Hilary, I am so with you. That show is one of my favorites and it motivates me like no other. Especially the parent/child and spouse set up, makes me cry every week! You look awesome, and I LOVE those shoes!!

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

Those shoes are wayyyy too sexy for you, I think you should send them to me :o)

E said...

Oh crap, your dog is ADORABLE. Any chance you'd take my brother's cats for a trade-in!??

I love that dress on you! What a beautiful cut.

I'm SO glad you have a trainer that you love working with, too. You are doing a WONDERFUL job and I only wish you moer success on your way to your goals :)

Ally said...

Dresses are so easy and they're my go-to solution too.

Miss I is SO CUTE. My Maddy poses the same way - she loves to show off her Britney.

Anonymous said...

Hillary! You are too kind! You worked very very hard for your fabulous body! You are my "rockstar" client! You always give me 100% and never complain! It's been such a pleasure helping you reach your goals! I... like you, look forward to our sessions!