Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Something To Smile About

After 14 months, the braces are finally off! It was all done so quickly today. It took less than an hour to take them off and my retainer was ready for pick up by late afternoon. The retainer is so different than what I remember the first time around. When I got my braces off back in high school, I got a top retainer which was removable. My bottom teeth had a permanent retainer bonded to the inner part of my lower teeth. This time around, I have top and bottom removable retainers. The best part about them is that they are invisible! Can you tell I have them on?


Apparently I like to wear yellow on my orthodontist days :D

Have a fabulous day!

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Well, what can I say: Congratulations... what a smile! And the yellow looks really nice on you, so don't keep it only for the orthodontist appointments ;)

Bisous from Versailles,