Saturday, September 4, 2010

Farmers Market

Every once in awhile I try to make it out to the farmers market after my workouts on Saturday mornings. There's one close to my house and I can easily just make a quick stop. This week I changed it up and tried a farmers market that's known for good deals and gorgeous produce...Caninos Farmers Market. I brought $20 and my grocery bags and headed out. This is not the best pic of me. Fresh from my workout with no make-up, my squinty eyes and flashing a cheesy grin :D

The market is divided into 2 sections. The front is somewhat indoors with cashiers that take credit cards. You can also buy goods like tortillas, pickles, salad dressings, etc...

The back section is outside and has individual vendors. Each vendor displays their produce and for dollar or two you can take a basket of this or that.
Everything is done in cash and you pay the vendor directly.

In the end I spent $12. Some items got spilt between me and my girlfriends. All in all, I thought it was a pretty good experience and I would definetly shop there again.

Here's to a happy and healthy day!


Cosmic said...

Wow! Great produce, great market / resource no wonder your smiling Si*star:)



It all looks so yummy! I love to shop at the market too, esp. the farmers market! We have one here every Tue/Fri/Sunday!! And I try to go as often as possible!
Have a great Sunday!
Bisous, Chantal