Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tickled Pink

Yesterday was the big day for my ultrasound. I am so happy to report that we are expecting a little baby GIRL! Now I would have been just as happy if we were having a boy, but I must admit... Visions of pink, little dresses and little shoes bring a smile to my face :)

Here is my little social butterfly waving to the camera.

In honor of the little one, I decided to wear pink.

Here are the deets:
•Hot pink tank - Old Navy
•Black pants - Express (with the help of a Be Band)
•Short sweater - Liz Lang Maternity for Target
•Long necklace - Target
•Metalic purple peep toes - Target

Have a happy day!

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Cosmic said...

How cute?!!!


Candice said...

GIRL!!!!! Yay I am so happy for the both of you! My youngest is a girl and I was so happy to finally have my little princess! I must admit that the shopping for girls is much more fun, they just have so much more stuff for little girlie's! congrats again.