Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mexican Getaway

I'm back...again :)

It seems like the months are flying by! Is it really March?

Here is one of my daily outfit pics I took....
•navy cardi - Old Navy
•brown fuisha hibiscus skirt - Talbot's
•brown suede pumps - Ann Taylor Loft

This past month, I've been busy with weddings, traveling, and as always...enjoying life. I have some great news. We are buying a condo! We actually close on our new place next week! The funny thing is that it's exactly like the condo we are in now (and in the same complex). We will just own it instead of renting. We love our little condo and the area is perfect for us so when the opportunity to buy this place came about, we went for it. We've been joking how we'll be in bizarre-o world.

This past month. I also escaped the cold and cruised on down to Mexico for my friend's wedding. It was a beatutiful wedding and boy, it was nice to be in shorts and soak up some sun! We had a blast!

I hope everyone else has been doing well. This month I'll be reviewing a couple of items and may have a couple of fun giveaways! Stay tuned!

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Fashion Therapist said...

Glad to see you're back. It's great seeing your face again!


Happy to see you back here ! Congrats on your new home!! Exciting! I would love to feel some sun and warmth too, winter us too long in Europe! So not used to it anymore... Have a great Sunday!
Hugs from France, Chantal
P.S. Love the skirt, great colours!!

prashant said...

It's great
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Brenda said...

Love, Love your style! It was great meeting you and Will on the cruise. Love your blog, too. Saw the link on Facebook. Michelle tagged you guys on a photo I took is how I saw it. (:

Hope to see you guys again soon!

"The only thing that seperates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize." -Clariee, Steel Magnolias

Hillary said...

Thanks Brenda! I saw you have a blog too! I will be following :-)