Thursday, March 11, 2010


Daily outfit:
•navy ruffle top - Banana Republic
•gray pencil skirt - Old Navy
• navy polka dotted peep toes- Payless
•broken bracelet headband - crafted by me
•black bag - Nine West

My mom had a bracelet that broke. I took 3 pieces and added it to a headband.

Tonight wad Bingo night with the gang! We found a lodge that hosts bingo on Thursday night. They have $2.25 homemade hamburgers, $6 pitchers, and cheap bingo cards.

Even though I didn't win (after 15 games of bingo), the night wasn't a total bust. My friend Melissa took one for the team and won some moo-lah!

Hope everyone has a fab day! We are closing on our new condo! Woo-hoo!!!

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Bianca said...

oh, I have a shirt super similar to that from the GAP - but I have never worn it. I think the ruffle on mine hits me in an odd place on my chest. Not as flattering as the BR version! This looks really nice!


Congrats on your new home!!!
And great to see your daily outfir pictures back, love them!
The weather seems to be nice there... I wish we could change into short sleeves too, but no, still leggings, boots, gloves & scarfs... :-(
Have a lovely weekend!

cheeky curves said...

Nice outfit, nice shoes, nice headband, who needs bingo, you already have a full house.
Have a nice weekend