Monday, January 25, 2010

Pinks & Paper

Finally a daily outfit post!

Grey top - Banana Republic
Pleated pink A line skirt - Anthropologie
Grey belt - Target
Pearls - gifted from my Aunt Mae

I decided to give you a different view from my usual spot and show you another part of my living room. I kind of have this contemporary/retro look going on. Behind me you will find a refurbished 1960's Coke machine, old movie chairs, and an original Grease poster (the advanced screening) mixed in with my contemporay furnishings. We've tweeked our living room here and there, but we finally are pleased with the way it looks.

Also this month I planned a shower for friends of mine. Since the couple are traveling to Mexico for the wedding festivities, I decided to do a "romantic" Mexican paper theme. This is what I did...

I made huge tissue paper flowers from the ceiling.

I made small paper flowers, put them in bud vases, then scattered them around.

After making all of the flowers, I used the remaining tissue to make Mexican Fiesta Flags. Here's the future bride and groom in front of them.

Last paper detail... I made these party favors cones out of scrapbook paper and stuffed the cones with various Mexican treats. They were so cute and fit the theme perfectly.

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Fashion Therapist said...

I love the paper flower so cute. And glad to see your face's been too long. :)

Lesa said...

So Beautiful!

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Goober said...

Great skirt! A friend made those tissue paper flowers for a shower too - they are such a fabulous decoration.

And I must say, I really love when I can see people's home decor in their outfit pics - I just love getting ideas from other people's homes :)


How are you Hillary? Not too much news here... really hope everything is well with you??
Take care! Hugs, Chantal

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