Friday, July 3, 2009

My New Smile

With all that went on today, I forgot to take a whole outfit pic. Since we are off for the holiday on Friday, Thursday was my "Friday". I went to work pretty casual in a bright yellow top paired with dark denim jeans. So no full pic, but you get to see my smile up close and personal. After a week of wearing spacers, I got my full braces on today. Here are the before and after shots...
9:00 am - I am about to leave for the orthodontist. Melissa quickly snaps a picture at the office. This is a normal smile for me. Notice how it's crooked. It's because my bite is off. Oh and just to clarify the office... as you can see we are on an open cubicle floor plan. This sometimes makes it difficult for me to read blogs and comment at work.

12:30 pm - Back in the office. I still have the same crooked smile, but now with a mouth full of metal.. Actually I don't think they look that bad. It kind of made me feel young. My husband thinks it makes me look younger. Maybe this is what I've needed all along... Forget the anti-aging creams, ladies. Just get some braces and you'll be instantly young again!

This weekend we are celebrating the Fourth of July with Will's family. They go all out with all kinds of festivities...singing, dancing, parade, and barbecue (of course!). The ribs and corn on the cob will be tempting, but now with the braces on, it may just help me keep my diet in check.

Happy Fourth of July to those who are celebrating! Thanks for stopping by!


Adnan Siddiqui said...

Happy 4th of July!

Lynette said...

both pics are very cute. this blog just reminded me that i still need to visit y'all at work some time. if you're still ok with it, let's set it up!

Hillary said...

AD - we need to set up brunch asap!

Lynette - Thanks :-# yes, you def need to come by the office soon.

Krista said...

Well they certainly do take a few years off! You look like you're 13 again! Very Cute!!