Friday, July 17, 2009

A Dress Revisited

This dress was at the start of it all... Last summer, V introduced me to Dots and many of your daily outfit blogs. The day I bought this dress was the same day I decided to start my own little blog (which is almost a year ago). When I initially tried the dress on I thought it was so cute, but because of the empire waist, I was a little self conscience of looking pregnant when I wasn't. V and Lynette convinced me that it looked great so I bought it despite my initial reservations. I guess because I've never felt truly comfortable with the way it looked on me, I have only worn it a handful of times. All that changed today. I think I finally found the right look for the dress that made me feel pretty it in it. Here are the details...

Dress - Dots
Belt - Target
Heels - Target
Necklace - Gifted by Lynette

Below are the 2 other times I wore it... The first look is from my very first post. The second picture was from a cold day in January.

This other outfit was Wednesday's outfit. I bought this blouse a while back. It was like $3 at Old Navy and even though it didn't quite fit at the time, I bought it thinking I would lose the weight and then be able to wear it... Well it took some time, but I finally fit it!!! Yay!!!

The skirt is also Old Navy. The shoes are Target and the necklace is from Francesca's.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


Honeybunches of Roses said...

you look amazing and your before and after picture is incredible, talk about a transformation! simply breath taking :-)

Krista said...

That is definitely the best look for the dress, and you look great! You should put the before and after pictures side-by-side so that you can really see the difference. Love ya!

Candice said...

That red number is amazing on you, What is Dots? I love your shoes as well. I swear those braces make you look younger, not that you need too, but you know!

Ally said...

You look fabulous!! xoxo

Cristina said...

What a great red dress. It looks so nice on you.

Hillary said...

Thanks so much giys! Dots is a little cheapy trendy store. It's kind of like Cato. Do they have that in CA?