Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Go-To Outfit and Mystery Shopping

It seems that every time I'm really rushing to get to work, I am throwing on this dress. It's a favorite...comfy and instant outfit. Here's the simple go-to outfit:
Dress - Ross
Standard peep toes - Room
Sorry to be a bore on the shoe thing, but they are just my most comfortable pair of heels and they are a great height. I also trying to save money, so this means no new shoes for a little while.
On the food thing...
Even though it is so hot, hot, hot outside, I made some homemade soup the other night. It's easy on the braces on the diet. I cranked up the a/c and ceiling fans and enjoyed my yummy homemade chicken soup, In it is shredded chicken breast, onions, mushrooms, and chinese cabbage. I added spinach to the soup when serving so it stays fresh and full of vitamins. For dessert, I had a small bowl of fresh cherries.
As for my workouts... My trainer has been on vacation, leaving me to push myself on my own. I have to admit, I slacked a bit last week. I should have gone to the gym 4 days, but I only ended up going 2 times. Well hopefully this week I've made up for it a bit. I pushed myself mixing my weights and cardio the past 3 days. I'll rest tomorrow, but will finish the week with my trainer on Thursday and Saturday. All in all, it looks like it'll be a 5 day workout week for me. I am 3lbs away from reaching my next goal. I have till the end of the month to get there. Thanks to all the sweet comments on my changing body. It's a constant work in progress for me. I have my good and bad days, but I really appreciate all your motivating words and tips.
Okay quick question for you guys... Has anyone every done mystery shopping? I signed up a few weeks ago after a good friend referred me to a reputable company. I've always been curious and it seems easy enough. My first assignment is this weekend. If you've done this before, do you have any tips for me? Thanks so much.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Adnan Siddiqui said...

The key to being a good mystery shopper is to not make any eye contact and answer all questions by the sales person with just one phrase - "may be"! Good luck!

Honeybunches of Roses said...

Don't apologize, you look amazing. I'm also not buying things to save money :-)

FashionAddict said...

Hey there, I have done mystery shopping for about a year and a half. After doing a varity of "shops," I mostly only do restaurant reviews now. They don't require a story line or act, so you are just yourself critiquing the restaurant and food. Plus, the payment seems to be faster. You don't make money on these, but you get a free meal out of it. My favorite place to work for is QAMS since they always reimburse me within 10 days. You can email me at
fashion4economicallychallenged@yahoo.com if you have any specific questions.

Tina said...

Your soup looks super delish! I'm eating lunch right now and I wish I could have some!

Report back on the mystery shopping!

Cristina said...

Gotta love those go-to outfits. The neck line of this dress is very flattering on you.

Nina said...

Hey Hillary, Thanks for sharing your Flicker cake pics. Your cakes look GREAT!!

Oh my, how yummy your soup looks...deelish!!

Your looking great Hillary, Love the dress. Don't feel bad about getting off track. Sometimes we need that break. Besides 2 days of exercising is still better than none. But if you ever need a fitness partner just send me an email. I live in Sugar Land. Always willing to make new friends to get from Flab to Fab :)

Have a great Wednesday!


The Thrifty Stylist said...

the dress is super-flattering!

Legal Editor Mom said...

You look great in both outfits and it's encouraging that a year later, you're close to your goal weight!

As for mystery shopping, please do share your experiences with us. I've thought about doing it, but have yet to look into it. Thanks!