Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday's Go Red Day

Friday was Go Red Day (thanks for the reminder Kimberly). It was 74 degrees today so instead of wearing jeans, I opted for one of my favorite red skirts. Here my Go Red outfit...(sorry it's a little wrinkled, I took the pic at the end of the work day)

brown top - Anthropologie
tank - Target
brown belt - Dots
red pleated skirt - Ann Taylor Loft
brown suede pumps - Ann Taylor Loft
beaded necklace - prize from Ally for this blogger challenge

This weekend is jammed pack with all kinds of things. We started Friday evening with a quick birthday happy hour for a friend of mine and Will's. Afterwards my parents came over for dinner. They brought us some king crab legs and we had such a fab dinner! King Crab Legs are Will's favorite! After, my mom and I made cookies for a party I'm attending this weekend. My friend, Pete, sent me a recipe for Pistachio and Cherry Mexican Wedding Cakes (cookies actually). They are like sand tarts except made with pistachios. They were so good and light. I think they will be perfect for the International Birthday BBQ on Sunday. Thank you Pete for the recipe! Oh and btw ladies, I am looking for a great, light recipe for carrot cake. Let me know if you have a good recipe. Thanks!

As for the rest of the weekend, here what's going down...
  • Workout and measurements this morning (weight was the same as last time, but measurements are close to where I was in September which is why the clothes are fitting better again. Yay!)
  • The girls are coming over for some mad sewing in about an hour
  • Tonight is my brother's girlfriend's birthday celebration
  • Sunday is the International Birthday BBQ for a friend
  • Late Sunday afternoon is a ladies get together/tea at one of my closest girlfriends.
  • Sunday night is church
Whew! Aren't you exhausted from just reading it?
Hope you are all having a fab weekend! Thanks for taking the time to read my madness :-)


Sheila said...

You look great! I love the red skirt.

Thanks so much for the tag - I am working on my blog space post right now!

DawnB said...

This skirt is GORGEOUS!! I LOVE this shade of red & the pleats. This whole outfit is so beautifully attractive on you. What a great fit.

Fashion Therapist said...

Ack I totally forgot about Go Red Day. :( Boo! BTW - I tagged you for an award. Sounds like you had a busy weekend hope you had fun!

Amanda Allison said...

I'm so happy I've found your blog! Your very inspirational! I look forward to reading more :)

P.S. I love those Mexican cookies. My tia makes those all the time! Another reason why I'm probably overweight, lol

Hillary said...

Thanks guys! I'm so happy the skirt is fitting better than it did a month or so ago.

Fashion Therapist - Thanks so much for the blog award! Such awesomeness!

Welcome Amanda! So glad you stopped by. I will def be checking out your blog!