Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring Like Wednesday

It was 68 degrees this morning so I thought I'd dress a little springish. Here was my spring like outfit...
Navy Blue top - The Gap
Green skirt - made by me
Gold necklace - Target
Unisa tan pumps - Off 5th Saks
I realized after looking at this photo that I need some earrings when I have my hair pulled back. I always have such an issue wearing earrings and a necklace. I don't know why I feel like I have too much on, but I do.
Tonight I can relax. Yay! We grabbed a few meals from My Fit Foods so I don't have to cook tonight, but we are still eating healthy. I have a huge weekend ahead of me so I'm glad I have this time to relax and regroup.
This weekend I have:
  1. a 5K fun run - I've been trying to run outside to prepare for this - so tough when you're used to an indoor treadmill.
  2. a sewing class - I am making this to use as a summer travel bag.
  3. to make a Thomas The Train cake for my nephew's 3rd birthday.
Let's hope I survive! I hope everyone had a fabulous day!


Fashion Therapist said...

Oooh you're wearing my 2 fave colors! Keep up the great work girl you look amazing!!!

Trace said...

I'm ready for spring! Love the bright colors. Good luck on the 5K this weekend girl, how fun! And I really love that bag you posted, can't wait to see pics of how it turns out. You are the DIY maven! Speaking of, I linked to your DIY headband in my post today!!