Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another Beautiful Thursday

Another beautiful day, another springy outfit. Actually it seemed close to summer today. It got up to 80 degrees. This outfit was perfect and wasn't too stuffy on the walk to work. Here are the details...

Pink short sleeve - Target
Brown skirt - Talbots
Faux snakeskin pumps - Rack Room
Beaded necklace - prize from a blogger challenge

Tomorrow is going to be hotter, but it's a jeans day. I know Will wants to take the scooter to work so I won't have to worry about walking in the heat too long.

Tonight I had a good workout, but I failed when it came to dinner. We were at Costco buying organic chicken and fish, but then what do we do??? We ate hot dogs for dinner. It's $1.50 for a hot dog and soda at Costco. I didn't have the soda, but the hot dog was pretty tasty. Sorry Monica (trainer)! I know you are reading this and shaking your head.

I opted to eat something quick because I had to get to Michael's for some cake decorating tools. I have to prepare a pattern and plan for my nephew's cake. It takes days for me to actually do a cake. You see, I watched a lot of episodes of Ace of Cakes and figured I wanted to decorate a crazy cake too. I took some classes and practiced, practiced, practiced... Here are some of the cakes I've done. I think I have Crafty ADD? Is there a support group I should join?

I hope everyone had a great Thursday. TGIF!!!


Sheila said...

Great outfits this week, Hillary! I so envy you the warm weather.

One hot dog isn't going to kill you. I hope you savoured it. :)

Nursing Covers by SimplyBabyMe said...

Love these color combinations and the fit & color of this brown skirt is very nice.

Team Boo said...

hey Hill, check this blog out...