Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So You Tink You Can Dance Hot Momma?

Here is a little catch up on the lat 2 weeks that didn't involve moving or wedding...

My youngest brother works for a ticket agency and he scored us some sweet tickets to the So You Think You Can Dance Tour. We were huge fans of the show and I was so excited when he told me he got us front row, center seats. So the show starts and here I am snapping away with my camera, when boom, camera dies on me. My battery wasn't charged! Here are just a few pics I got before my camera went ka-put!

I also had a bunch of co-workers/friends have babies this past few weeks. My usually standard gift to new mommies are chic and fab diaper bags that look like oversize purses, but my friend Rebecca introduced me to her Hot Momma Wraps. Love them! I know a lot of new mommies have a hard time juggling everything under the sun while holding the baby. I've been to enough baby showers where Baby Bjorn were always appreciated gifts, but they were all so blah looking. My friend started making these wraps for herself and now she makes them for anyone and everyone. Since I had a baby shower to go to, I had her whip one up for me. It turned out so fab and so stylish. Here is the final product and my friend modeling her gift. Thanks Rebecca!


ohthatgirl said...

You got to see my boo, Joshua? Jealous!

Joshua! OTG ♥ you!!!! <--- If I had of known I would have had you scream it for me. Heheh

Beccaboo & family too said...

THANK YOU AGAIN for the business and the compliments. I love the pictures. I took 2 of them and put them on my site. Hey, where is your updates for this week... are you slacking or sick?