Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hey Stranger! Long Time No See.

Sorry for the absence. We had a family emergency recently and even though everyone is okay, life just get turned upside down for a bit. This week we are catching up and working on the wedding. I may not blog as often as I like, but I'll still be around. Thank you to all your sweet comments. I hope you all have been doing well.

Okay back to blog business! Here was today simplistic outfit.
Velvet red scoop neck - Anthropologie
Black wide belt - Dots
Merona black skirt - Target
Red Dotted slingbacks - DSW
Silver dangle earrings - gifted by Will

So a couple of weeks ago I had a weigh in and measurement check with my trainer. It had been over a month since my last one. I kind of knew it wasn't going to be good because I was baking a lot recently. After my birthday, I also became a fan of TCBY's $0.99 waffle cone Wednesday. Well I was right, it was so not good. My trainer has challenged me to lose 2 lbs a week (total of 8) by April 30. So I've got my butt and mind in gear which was a huge challenge with the stress we had lately. I decided to cut all added sugars and am trying to go back to balancing my diet to 40% protein, 40% fat. So far I am on track. I'll have a mini weigh in with my trainer at the end of the week and will discuss my game plan. Wish me luck!

Here was my lovely and colorful dinner tonight.
Extra lean turkey burger with spinach sauteed onions and garlic, topped with sliced cherry tomato
mashed sweet potatoes with a sprinkle of garlic seasoning and pepper
small serving of spinach salad
Total calories for this meal: 350

Here was today's activity: walking at lunch and spin class took me over my goal at my last sync at 9pm.

Thanks again for being patient with me. Have a happy day!


Tina said...

Your meal looks yummy!

Rachael said...

Love the outfit. Those shoes are fabulous!

Chantelle said...


So good to see you.

And you are looking mighty fabulous.

Red is so your colour. xx

Trace said...

Hope you are doing well Hill! Looking great as always! Good luck with your 2lbs per week goal, your trainer just sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

Glad to read everyone is doing okay now. We did miss you, but it is totally understandable when blogging doesn't take priority. Wish you lived closer - I would totally stop by for dinner. It looked delicious!

Fashion Therapist said...

Hope you guys are ok! Trust me girl, I know what it is like with things throwing you off schedule. I too am back on my healthy eating regime after a HORRIBLE March of consuming tons of beer and eating hot dogs! :( Looking great as always and hope you're well!

Candice said...

You look so cute with the red shoes love them. Thanks for the comment on my bangs, they are bugging me today so I pinned them. I hope all is well with you and your family, good to have you back.

Cristina said...

Glad to see your back. Looking good today:)

Hillary said...

It def feels good to be back into the swing of everyday life. Thanks again for all the well wishes!