Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday, Monday

Kind of a boring outfit for today, but I was running late so I just had time to throw on some clothes. It's a good thing Will jazzed up my photo so it looks interesting :-) Here are the details for Monday, Monday...
Mossimo tank - Target
Splendid long sleeve - Anthropologie
Converse One jeans - Target
Booties - Payless
I love my Splendid long sleeve top. I have a few Splendid items and I must say...they are splendid! They are just so comfy!
So this week I'm gearing up for the holidays. My friends and I try to do something for others throughout the year and the Christmas season. This year we are making cards and a care package to send to the troops overseas. I'm trying to get all my craft and scrapbook stuff together and organize it a little bit. The girls will be over on Saturday and hopefully we can crank out a ton of cards and add some other goodies into the box. I love this time of year!


Trace said...

Wow that is a great photo with the lighting and angle and everything! I've always wanted to try Splendid, the top looks great layered over the tank.

And so awesome that you'll be working on the cards/care packages for the troops! I can't think of a better project!

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

I agree, how special & lovely that you & your friends are doing that for our troops -- BRAVO!

And I don't think the outfit is boring at's "classic in it's simplicity" :)

Plus Trace is right, the photo is stellar, you look great!

Candice said...

I love those jeans on you, so flattering

Katie said...

Hillary, your my hero! :-P YOur outfits are always to cute, your take your pics in the coolest places, and you have such a big heart! :-) Good for you - sending out the care packages!


Hillary said...

I met most of my closest friends volunteering and it's nice that we have that in common.

I highly encourage people to volunteer in any way they can big or small. Sometimes the smallest thing can make a huge difference in people's lives.