Monday, December 22, 2008

Back to Black on Monday

After all of my festive green outfits the past week or so, it's back to black this Monday. Here is my look for casual Monday...

Cream turtleneck - Banana Republic
Merona short leave sweater - Target
Merona snakeskin belt - Target
Mossimo jeans - Target
3 strand necklace - gift from V
Booties - Payless

I just finished watching The Hills. What were your thoughts on the finale? Looks like there is going to be another season.


Chantelle said...

That's a great outfit. You look lovely.

I have only watched the first two seasons of the Hills.. but looks forward to watching the rest (not sure how many there are!).

Merry Christmas. x

Trace said...

Great outfit, wow I really love that belt!!

I missed The Hills last night. Will have to catch it when they replay it. I'm pretty excited for The City with Whitney though!!

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit! As soon as I saw it I thought - that would be a perfect Christmas Day outfit, so I will totally be attempting to copy I think.
As for The Hills - seriously, I act like I am still 16 - I love it! I still hate Spencer, I am still jealous of Lauren's ability to apply liquid liner, I still think Audrina is smarter than they portray her to be (or at least I hope so), I still think Lo is extremely lucky to be getting a paycheck because she does nothing for me or the show and I still think Brody is nice to look at even though I could never be friends with him!
As for The City - can't wait!

Leslie said...

I love this outfit! It looks so chic on you!

As for the Hills...I stopped watching a couple seasons ago when you knew everything that was happening cause it was in People 2 months in advance. However I will say that I tivoed the episode last night and the wedding episode--those I absolutely wanted to see!

And I am going to check out The City.

KT said...

Cute cute cute!!

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

Super great outfit -- I really love the belt on you, your waist looks so teeny tiny!

Liza said...

You look awesome in that outfit! So casual chic!

Psyche said...

Perfect look!