Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Belated Birthday Post - Cora's Rainbow and Musical Birthday

When Cora turned one, we started taking her to music class.  Even though she could barely talk when we started, she seemed to enjoyed the class and I was pleasantly surprised when she started reciting rhythm patterns on her own.  So when it came time to decide on what to do for her 2nd birthday, I knew it was a no brainer to have her party there. The facility has a party room decorated in bright colors behind the classroom. I decided to embrace the colors of the classroom and that's how I came up my theme. For three months, my life revolved around rainbows and music notes. Here are the details and decorations for the party...

I found a ton of rainbow invitations and a ton of music themed invitations, but not one single rainbow and music invitation.  So I semi-created my own. I found this cute rainbow invitation, added the music notes, and viola! It turned out super cute!

Name banner:
I made this cute name banner using my Cricut cutter for the letters and white circles.  For the rainbow pinwheels, I used my Martha Stewart paper ornament template.
Surprisingly, it only took a couple of hours to put together. I finished it off by stringing it together with rainbow colored yarn.

Water bottle labels:
Cora's invitation had the chevron rainbows on them, so I thought I'd incorporate that into my water bottles. I created these adorable labels and just slapped them on water bottles.
If you like these labels and want to use them for a rainbow birthday party, I created a free template for you to use.  Just click here.  

PB & Jammin' Sandwiches:
Since I was 7 months pregnant at the time of this party, I knew I had to keep my party food simple and easy to assemble. I decided to use Uncrustable PB&J Sandwiches from Smuckers. To keep in theme with my party, I used a music note cookie cutter on tie-dye fruit roll-up to cut out these adorable notes. I cut these out a few days before my party.
A couple of hours before the party, I took the sandwiches out of the freezer and placed them on my serving tray. Since the sandwiches are frozen and the fruit roll-ups are sticky, the music notes easily adhere to the sandwiches on their own.

Pepperoni Prelude Pizza:
Trader Joe's have these wonderful bite sized cheese pizzas. I bought pepperoni slices and used my same cookie cutter to make music note shaped pepperoni.

Music School of Fish:
I used a large music note cookie cutter to   seperate the rainbow colors from the regular cheese color.

A Fruit Melody:
I used strawberries, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, and red grapes to make this fruit tray.  The music note is made from black colored candy melts.

Rainbow cupcakes with candy music toppers.
With 18 toddlers coming to the party. I figured cupcakes were the way to go. I made a basic white cake batter, divided it  by four, and colored each small batch.
Each cupcake was topped with cream cheese icing and a music note topper.  I made the music note toppers out of different colors of candy melt. 

Rockin' Party Favor Bags:
For the party favor bags, I used simple white lunch bags. I used my Cricut to cut out the guitars and the rainbow yarn to tie the bags with.  The bags were filled with rainbow music note stickers, colorful birdie whistles, sparkly maracas, and colorful goldfish.


Throwing a party can be hectic. You're running around trying to make sure everything is in place, talking to your guest, and sometimes you just want to enjoy the party. All of this makes picture taking impossible. I love having a photographer on hand to capture all of the details and wonderful moments of the party. It's usually my biggest splurge, but its been worth it. Thank you Jamie LeBlanc for taking great pictures for us!

I hope you enjoyed our rainbow and music party.  We had a musically good time! 

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