Monday, October 25, 2010

2010 Halloween Costumes: The Simpsons

This past weekend we had our 5th Annual Halloween Bash. Earlier in the year, I decided The Simpsoms would be a fun costume to do. It's all about getting that cartoon effect right? Here's how I did it...

Marge's signature necklace was easy to make. I bought wooden craft beads and red craft paint with my Michael's 40% coupons. I had some string and a clasp already. Once I painted the beads, I stranded them and atached clasp I had from an old broken necklace. Viola...a really cute and inexpensive necklace!
I wrapped the poster board around my head and made a templete. I made sure to cut around the ears and had a good fit, but not too tight. I also made sure I would be able to clear doorways :-) I used packing tape to seal the top on the cylinder.

Once the templete was done, I glued aprox 300 cotton balls to the poster board. I layered more cotton balls on top to give the hair more shape. Once the glue was dry, I "colored" my hair with blue spray paint. Lastly, I glued my craft cap to the inside of the posterboard. This allowed the hair piece to fit comfortably on my head and give it support.
My husband worked on our cartoon eyes. He cut the ping pong ball in half and drilled holes into the center of each half so we'd be able to see. He also drilled small holes on the sides so he can run wire though to make frames. We fitted the wire around our face and ears to create frames. We decided to put them on frames because it was easy to them the eyes on and off through out the night. I gave Marge lash extentions by cutting small strips of black construction paper and taped them on to the top of her eyes.
I found my lime green dress at The Salvation Army for $2.50. It was actually a long skirt and I just used it as a dress. I couldn't believe how I lucked out on finding it. Here is look put together.

Homer was pretty easy to do. I sprayed Will's hair with the yellow hairspray and covered his face with yellow face paint (except for the beard area). Once her was yellow, I added the wig cap and then sprayed the wig cap with yellow hairspray to give him more of a bald effect. Lastly I used pipe cleaners for Homer's few strands of hair. Here is Will's look....

Happy Halloween everyone!
Have a great week! I can't wait to see your costumes this year!


Kimberly said...

I bow down to your Halloween Awesomeness. This is fantastic!!

Candice said...

AMAZING waaaay better than anything they sell in the stores! I love it!