Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday's March Madness

I really love this time of year. We mostly have 2 seasons here...summer and winter (if you call it that). For a small window of time, we have just awesome spring weather and you just want to be outside. Today was one of those days. Here is I dressed for the pretty day...

Wrap top - Charlotte Russe
Toile skirt - made by me
lacey slingbacks - DSW
necklace - Target

March is my favorite month for several reasons.

  1. The weather is fab. Not too cold, not too hot and the sun is usually out.
  2. My birthday is in March. Even though I'm not totally excited about getting older at the same time, I look forward to another year of celebrating a good life with family and friends.
  3. Daylight savings. Can I jam more into my day?
  4. Crawfish season!!! - I love me some crawfish! Tonight was my first taste this season and it was ohhhh so good!

The crawfish below is from one of my favorite places in Houston....Cajun Kitchen. It's kind of a an Asian Cajun fusion. They load their crawfish with tons of garlic and other fab seasonings. Their shrimp fried rice has fantastic Cajun spices. We met up with my brother for dinner. Good food and good company...boy was I a happy camper tonight! I love the month of March!


Trace said...

You look beautiful here Hillary! What a perfect spring outfit!! Absolutely love that skirt and the flats. And mmmmmmm that crawfish is looking good. P.S. My bday is in March too. =)

Triufelis said...

I love that skirt,it's beautiful ;)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, stop with all of the adorable skirts! I am having major envy. You look fantastic!

Fashion Therapist said...

Love that you're making all these great pieces and YUM that looks so delish!!!

Legal Editor Mom said...

You make me ALMOST wish I could sew! But online ordering is still easier. ;-) Cute outfit.

V said...

I want to go next time to CK!


You look great in this outfit! I love the colour of your blouse (it's the Dutch colour!!). And the skirt... OMG the skirts I've seen and that you have made are just adorable (great choice of fabrics!).
I already have a sewing machine, maybe time to start som eclasses too?
Have a great weekend & enjoy the spring weather!

Sheila said...

I LOVE this outfit on you. It's so pretty and classic and this coral red is gorgeous on you.

I love crayfish (we call them prawns up here).