Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Playing With Food

Since we built Cora a new kitchen, it was only right that she had some food to make and serve. I did a little research and found a great tutorial on making easy foods out of felt.

Here's how mine turned out...

For my egg, I sewed a topstitch around the yellow, but left a small opening so I could stuff it with batting. Then I sewed it closed.

For the pancakes. I sewed the butter to the syrup, then the syrup to just the top layer of the pancake. Then I top stitched the pancake to a plain pancake. I like having 2 layers because it makes it more durable.

Making the pasta.... I didn't have the fancy scissors like in the tutorial, so I just cut my jagged edges with my regular scissors. It made a mess, but gosh these turned out cute.

Doesn't it look like we're really cooking pasta?

Breakfast is served!


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