Sunday, May 20, 2012

Organizing A Hairy Situation

Cora's hair accessories were out of control. When she first started getting hair clips and barretts I'd put them in a little bowl on her dresser and it was fine. A year later, there were just too many for the little bowl, so I decided to organize it.

For my supplies, I used a plain 16 x 20 artist canvas, ribbon, and staples. I chose brown and golden yellow to coordinate with Cora's room.

I cut 6 stands of ribbon, each at 25 inches long. I then measured and stapled the ribbons 2 inches apart to the back of the canvas.

Staple the top and bottom and cut off any excess ribbon (if any) and the back should look like this...

Flip over and you're ready to add your hair accessories.

Have a great day!

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