Sunday, September 13, 2009

Scanning Through My Past

Instead of my usual daily outfit pics, I thought I'd share some photos from my childhood... After borrowing a scanner from my friend, Melissa, I spent most of my Sunday scanning pictures from my childhood.
This first post is loooong over due. Back in May, Rachel at Fruit In A Box, tagged me for Prom Flashback. I didn't have a scanner and couldn't really participate, but I loved the idea. So now that I got my pics all on the computer, here is my prom pic. Considering that this was 1991, the dress is not that bad. I'd wear it today if I could fit in to it. It was a simple black lace over satin, halter top, with an A line skirt. Do you have a prom pic to share? I'd love to see it.

This next pic is from a school dance. It was an "Odies" themes dance. I decided to go all out. My uncle is a hairdresser and he got all of my hair up in a bee hive. I remember it took a whole bottle of conditioner to get my hair back to norm. The super fab green dress was my mothers from her early 20's. I love this dress. Most times I favor my father, but in this picture, I see my mom in me. Oh and the guy in the pic was my high school sweetheart.
Now going way, way, way back.... It's almost like a daily outfit pic except I'm 3 or 4 years old instead of 36.

The next pic is so funny because I don't know who dressed me (I have the red hat), but I hope didn't go out like this... Winter hat, sweater, super, super short dress, knee high socks, and some kind of animal booties. Nice! My grandmother is with my sister and me.

This pic is not so much and me and my sis on the plastic see saw (I'm on the left), but about the boat clock in the back ground. Did anyone else have a boat clock? When I saw Napoleon Dynamite for the first time and Uncle Rico brings out the boat clock as incentive to buy his Tupperware, I just about died! Maybe that's how we got our boat clock.

Okay last pic... Here I am with short hair. I am with my sister and brother. For the most part my sis always had long hair. As for me, well my uncle (the hairdresser) always had a say in my hair. Here I am with a fresh cut. I love my little dress too.

Thanks for going down memory lane with me. Back to daily outfit pics this week. Hope y'all have a great day!


Rachael said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful pics!

Fashion Therapist said...

Such cute pics. I love the flashbacks and memories that come when you are looking at these pics.

Nina said...

Aww..your pics are so cute Hillary. It is always nice going down memory lane. Thanks for sharing :)

Have a great Monday!

Anonymous said...

how adorable! i esp love the fifties dance shot! cute!

Cosmic said...

Wow! You were a cute wee lassie with an innate sense of style back then too!

Thank-you for sharing:)


Joy Winner-or-Whiner said...

Your prom pic is classic.. the dress doesn't even look outdated like most prom dresses.

Sheila said...

Those are so awesome! I love the boat clock, and your mom's green dress.

Honeybunches of Roses said...

even back then you had style :)

Phia said...

Just found your blog through FB. Love the pics of you and P! =)