Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Save or Not?

I really didn't expect to be absent from my blog for so long, but I've had a crazy week after getting back from Corpus Christi. Life threw some curve balls and things got hectic, but all is good. I didn't take many outfit pics during the past couple of weeks, but I had one from today and one from last week to share... Funny how both outfits ended up being pink and black. Y'all have seen this first outfit before. I was running a tad late and threw this outfit on. It's easy enough and I know it works well. When you in a pinch, it's always best to go with what you know works...cute Anthro skirts!
Last week I was cleaning out my closet and getting rid of some old clothes when I came across this skirt. This skirt is about 9 years old and I hadn't worn it in a long, long time. I went back and forth about keeping it. I love the way the skirt looks. It's held up well and it's very comfortable. The only major reason of letting it go is because of the material. It's 100% polyester. The skirts has 2 layers. The first polyester layer has strips going diagonal one way and it has that weird polyester sheen. The sheen is slightly masked by the 2nd sheer layer where the stripes are diagonal in the opposite direction which creates the plaid effect. So what are your thoughts? Should I keep it?
Will struck a pose on his scooter for me this weekend. I love Will's t-shirt. For a very long time, Will refused to wear anything related to argyle. I'd pick out nice little preppy shirts and he's turn up his nose at it. Finally he agreed on the t-shirt and I think it looks good on him. As for the checkerboard Vans...that's all Will :-) The weather is starting to cool off a tiny, tiny bit so more scooter days are ahead of us.
With my hectic week, I have been really bad about cooking (something my trainer isn't too happy to hear). The one dish I did manage to cook was this recipe for cabbage rolls. I have to admit although it was tasty, it probably had a little too much tomato sauce/paste. I may change it up and try it again.

I hope everyone is doing well. I am so behind on reading my favorite blogs. I should be back to my regular routine and will be catching up this week. Thanks for your patience! Have a great day!


Fashion Therapist said...

I say keep it! There's a ton of things you can pair with it and plaid will be huge for the fall. It will be cute to see with tights or knee high boots.

tooblonde1 said...

yes, save!! this skirt looks amazing on you! i love the way the stripes are made.

Bianca said...

Both skirts are cute - and if you wear it - keep it!

Glad you had a good time on "vacay". And hubby is so cute in his little preppy tee.


Deborah-lee said...

The skirt must GO!!...... back in your wardrobe for wearing often!

It's beautiful, wonderful, lovely. I wish it was mine.

Legal Editor Mom said...

The skirt is very cute and looks nice on you. I'd keep it!

And do tell what's in the cabbage rolls!

Nina said...

Your skirt is a keeper! It is really cute and great colors for the cooler months. I have 2 similar that I bought at Dillards like 7 years ago and they still look as cute today as they did when I bought them. (I have a hard time parting with my

I really must try taking pics and posting them. I am good at throwing pieces together, but am really bad with accessories.

I really must meet up with you and your trainer. Would love to get some fresh exercise ideas for firming up these hips and thighs. Let me know when would be a good time to meet up Hillary?


Sheila said...

I say keep it as well! Honestly, a polyester skirt may not feel as nice as cotton or silk, but it won't wrinkle, you can wash it and it won't fade. And it looks great on you!