Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lucky Number 7

I'm back to wearing some summer fun colors. Today I wore a cute green top, but since I forgot to take my daily outfit picture, you get to see yesterday's outfit instead. Pink it is! Here are the details...

  1. Pink cowl neck top - JCP
  2. Two tone skirt - H&M
  3. Gold necklace - Target
  4. T-strap wedges - Target

I decided to take a break Tuesday and Wednesday. No gym, no workout, just some rest. I think my body really needed it. I didn't really cook either. I got my braces tightened today so I decided that I wanted to eat something that could bite into and chew. Once the braces got tightened, it's back to soups and softer foods. So for lunch today we ran to one of my favorite local spots, Bubba's Burger Shack. They have great burgers, but are really known for their awesome buffalo burgers. For those that didn't know, buffalo is lower in fat that turkey! Of course I'm sure the jack cheese didn't really help my calorie or fat count, but boy was this burger good! Will captured the "moment" as I sunk my teeth into my first bite. YUM!!!

The other day ShopKim (she has some gorgeous rings on her site, you should check them out)gave me a fab Kreativ Blogger Award. I am suppose to give you 7 things (I guess it can be about anything). Here is goes...

  1. My sister and I are the same age for 2 weeks
  2. In high school I got to go to Hawaii to preform with my drill team at the halftime show of The ProBowl.
  3. I love karaoke even though I am terrible at it.
  4. Through FaceBook, a long lost relative in the Philippines found me. It has been an incredible experience getting to know her. I may have to share this story one day.
  5. If I open a brand new carton of ice cream, I have to make a cross on it to bless it. It's a habit I picked up from my mom. Maybe if we bless it, the fat won't stick to our thighs.
  6. When I was in kindergarten, I told my class it was my birthday many times because I liked it when they sang "Happy Birthday" to me.
  7. I love to have people over!
Okay so I am now going to pass this along to anyone who'd like to share 7 things with us. If you'd like to post your 7, let me know!

Thanks guys for stopping by. I hope you all have a great day!


Anonymous said...

pretty in pink :)

Honeybunches of Roses said...

so chic

Sheila said...

You look lovely! I laughed at your comment about the cross on the ice cream.

I eat bison (same as buffalo?) meat frequently. The market I shop at sources it from a farm on the mainland. It is so yummy. I buy burgers, ground, steaks, stir-fry and even roasts. Delicious! And I love that it's so much lower in fat.

Anonymous said...

i just nominated you for kreativ blogger and just now found your 7 things. love the ice cream blessing. if only it was true!!

The Thrifty Stylist said...

oooh i love that skirt. nice outfit!

Milly said...

very nice the two tone skirt

Cristina said...

I am loving that pink top.