Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Eye On The Prize...

As most of you know or have figured out, I have a thing for skirts. I love the femininity of skirts and dresses. No matter what size I am, they always make me feel pretty. I especially like skits with simple details that make them special and stand out. Someone recently asked how many I have. Honestly, I don't know. I've been to scared to count! Just imagine that the entire bottom tier of my closet are all skirts. I think I only have 4 pairs of pant/jeans.

Today's outfit details...
Black top - Anthropologie
A line skirt - Anthropologie
Lacey slingbacks - DSW
necklace - Pei-San

With my shopping ban in effect for 2 months now, I am having some serious shopping withdrawals, but hopefully that will change soon! I have decided to up the ante on hitting my next weight loss goal. When I reach my next goal, I get to buy something. Recently I fell in love with ModCloth. Seriously fab, unique, mod, retro items that I love! If you are a fan of the Mad Men style, then you must check out there looks inspired by the show. Gorgeous!!!

So I need your help. Below are 4 items that I have my eye on. If I hit my next goal, which item do you think I should get??? Vote for your fav. The item with the highest votes will be my "reward"

1) The Ariel Skirt
This is prob my 1st choice right now. I just love the style.

2) The Rizzo

Simply adorable. Great party skirt!

3) The Peggy Pencil Skirt
Great for the office. I love the high waist and the button detail

4) The Carriage Tour Dress
This can easily transition from fall to winter. I love the neckline. Love the button details

I wanted to give a huge thanks for all of the positive and sweet comments I have received. I got a big response for the Tex-Mex Mac n' Cheese recipe that I've decided to post the recipe. This weekend I will post the recipe with photos to help guide you.

I also got some e-mails about steaming. I am a huge fan of my steamer and I consider it an essential in my kitchen. I steam almost all of my fish. Sometimes I sear it and then finish it off on the steamer. It works for chicken and beef too. It's so easy to use and it's a healthy way to cook.

Thanks so much for stopping by and voting. I hope everyone has a great day!


Trace said...

Hey Hil! I love this outfit on you, so soft and feminine. That skirt is gorgeous, I love your Anthro clothes. I have a thing for skirts too! Kuddos to you and the shopping ban! Wow the ModCloth stuff is beautiful. I will have to vote for #1, the Ariel Skirt - so simple but so unique and (depending on how long it is) I think you could wear it for both work and going out. I also love that pencil skirt too, I need a new one and want to try the whole high-waist thing, I might check that out!!e

Fashion Therapist said...

I'm torn! I love the first skirt, but I absolutely love the 4th dress. Honestly my final vote will go with the 4th item. I heart it. BTW - your skirt obsession is just like my dress obsession...I really need to stop - I have way too many.


The rizzo, the rizzo, the rizzo... definitely the rizzo (but all others will look gorgeous on you too!).
I'm a huge fan of skirts & dresses too, prefer them absolutely above pants... (it's easier to hide the imperfections I think!!). And dresses are soooo easy to wear, just pair them with some nice shoes and you can walk out the door, no more thinking...
Have a great day!

Krista said...

As much as the first one looks like you, my vote is for #4 -- SO very cute!

Bianca said...

I also love skirts!! The one you have on is really pretty! I also really like the pencil skirt with the high waist. Just curious - have you purchased anything from ModCloth before? I hope you get something so I can get an idea for the fit. It helps me to see clothes on people! :-)

Nina said...


Thanks for the comment on my blog!!

You look awesome in your outfit. I will definitely have to check out the ModCLoth site and hold myself back from ordering something or maxing out my cc.

But I think rewarding yourself when you hit your goal is not only a great idea, but will show off your hard work in an outfit or fun skirt that will show off your curves.

I too have to ban myself from shopping with my kids starting school this Monday and all my extra income went on their new But I wanted to tell you that I love skirt # 3) The Peggy Pencil Skirt.

I love high waisted skirts as it hits the smallest part of a woman’s body and makes you look sexy and curvy. But all the skirts and the dress look fabulous!! Keep me informed with which skirt or dress you choose :)

Have a great weekend!