Friday, May 24, 2013

All About Julia

Last year I told my husband that I really wanted to do something BIG for my 40th birthday in 2013. Well low and behold, I sure did do something BIG! I had my beautiful baby girl one week shy of my 40th birthday. It was the best gift I could have received.

The pregnancy started out a lot like my previous one... Tired the first trimester. No morning sickness, just queasiness that would pass after 15 seconds or so and serious fruit cravings. Even though I didn't want to say anything to my husband, I had a feeling this baby was another girl. At 5 months along, I found out my hunch was right.

We immediately decide to name her after my mother-in-law. Cora is named after my mom, and it just seemed right that we honored both of our moms.

Julia Annaliese came into this world one month earlier than planned due to extreme hypertension. I wasn't expecting to deliver that day, in fact I told my boss I was coming in late after my morning doctor's appointment. Unfortunately my blood pressure shot up to dangerous levels and my doctor decided we had to have her that day. Despite the emotional and chaotic start, I was very blessed to have an easy labor and delivery. In fact, I didn't even push. My doctor was prepping for the delivery. He didn't want me to push just yet. He had me just take deep breaths and next thing you know, Julia was born.

I think for Cora, it was love at first sight. She has been a wonderful big sister. I think she will always look out for her baby sister.

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Candice said...

how precious....I love all of the pics!