Friday, June 22, 2012

Father's Day Daycation

I must admit, I am so lucky to have Will as my husband. Not only is a great husband, he is a wonderful daddy to our little girl. Since he made my Mother's Day so special, I wanted to make sure he had a memorable Father's Day.

We started the day with a little breakfast and a homemade card.
It's amazing what you can do with apps these days. I used Turbo Collage to piece the many pics I've taken of these two all snuggled up.

Then I printed it and created this card...

(Note to self...invest in washable markers and hide the colorful Sharpie pens from Cora).

After breakfast and a nap for Cora, we packed up for a Daycation in Galveston (which is about 45 miles outside of Houston).

We lunched at Gaido's. Apparently this restaurant has been here since 1911. I don't know how it's survived all of those hurricanes.

Cora looking out to sea.

We decided to take the ferry over to Boliver Island. My gosh the line to get on the ferry was soooooo long. When we finally got to the loading zone. We had a chance to get out and stretch our legs. Thank goodness it was a "controlled area".

Before we went to Galveston, I read online how the kids love feeding the birds from the back of the ferry. I brought some leftover bread from our lunch and we headed to the back of the boat. Cora loves watching the birds out the window at home and i just knew she was going to love this. I start to throw the bread and instantly a huge flock of seagulls were hovering right over us. My face went from excited to sheer panic. These birds were ready to take that bread right out of my hand and peck our eyes out! Okay, okay, a little exaggeration, but I swear they were all saying, "Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!" I ended up chucking the whole bread so we could escape. It was definitely a Finding Nemo/ The Birds moment!

Once we got away. We enjoyed the rest of our ride and a quick drive around the island

After a lovely day (minus the bird attack), we headed back on the ferry just in time to catch this beautiful sunset.

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